Introduction the Hortonworks Big Data Platform

Along with the development of Big Data, there are a lot of progresses for other terms related to Big Data. One of them is the development of a Big Data Platform. And the most of Big Data Platform which can be mentioned is Hortonworks Big Data Platform.

In recent years, with the launch and development of Big Data, Hortonworks Big Data Platform has received appreciation in term of its effectiveness. This article will help you understand more thoroughly about Hortonworks Big Data Platform.

  1. Definition of Hortonworks Big Data Platform

Hortonworks Big Data Platform is a tool designed to meet the demands for Big Data. As a fully open development and construction platform, Hortonworks Big Data Platform is designed to meet the needs of large enterprise data processing. Hortonworks Big Data Platform is flexible. It also provides linear scalability, extends storage and computing over a variety of access methods. It includes a comprehensive set of enterprise data processing capabilities such as governance, integration, security, and operation.

HDP allows you to deploy Hadoop anywhere you want, from the cloud to the local system, on both Linux and Windows.

The Hortonworks Big Data Platform provides all the capabilities needed in an open source. It is an integrated, tested and ready-to-use platform.

The importance of Hortonworks Big Data Platform is

  • Completely open
  • Flexibility: Yarn is a core in Hadoop, so Hortonworks Big Data Platform provides businesses with the flexibility to process data on a variety of engines.
  • Full integration: Hortonworks Big Data Platform is designed to integrate and enhance the capabilities of existing data centers, for the widest possible deployment.
  1. The categories of Hortonworks Big Data Platform

The platform is divided into five categories: data access, data management, security, operations, and governance.

a. Data access

Accessing and interacting with data across a wide range of tools: batch, interactive, streaming and real-time. With the YARN platform, Hortonworks Big Data Platform offers a variety of mechanisms that allow users to interact with data in a variety of ways, without having to stand in a separate cluster for each data set/application. Some applications require batch processing, others require interaction with SQL, or low-latency data access, such as NoSQL. Other applications require search, online, or in-memory analysis: Apache Solr, Storm, and Spark fulfill all of these needs. So with Hortonworks Big Data Platform, we can use all these requirements in a single platform.


b. Data Management

Storing and processing all data, including:

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS): HDFS is a Hadoop file system that provides reliable, scalable and reliable data storage, designed for distributed computing on large, low-cost clusters.

Apache Hadoop YARN: YARN is a Hadoop data-processing system that allows simultaneous processing of data in several ways. YARN is a prerequisite for businesses using Hadoop, which provides management of resources and architecture. It also allows a variety of data access methods to operate on data stored in Hadoop.

c. Data Governance and Integration

Enabling fast and easy to download data and manage policies: Hortonworks Big Data Platform extends data access and management with powerful tools for managing governance and integration. These tools manage the Hadoop input and output streams. This control structure is very important for the integration of Hadoop into your data architecture.

  • Apache Falcon is a framework for simplifying data management and pipeline processing. Falcon simplifies the configuration of data movement and allows policy setting for maintaining and replicating a set of data, filtering and processing data.
  • Apache Sqoop for efficient data transfer between Hadoop and other database systems such as Teradata, Netezza, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, and HSQLDB.
  • Apache Flume is used to transfer data from multiple sources into Hadoop for analysis. It has a simple, flexible architecture. It is suitable for failover and recovery.

d. Security

Managing policies consistently on requests for authentication, authorization, inspection, and data protection. Hortonworks Big Data Platform provides a centralized approach to security management. It also enables consistently consistent security policies throughout the database.

e. Cluster Operations

Hortonworks Big Data Platform provides a full set of operations that provide cluster health visibility as well as the ability to manage and configure resources.

Big Data is becoming more and more developed, so understanding and using Hortonworks Big Data Platform is becoming increasingly important. Hopefully, this article can help you to understand more about Hortonworks Big Data Platform.

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