Google Cloud Platform

One of the special cloud service providers mentioned is Google. The writing below will tells about Google cloud platform.

Nowadays, there are many cloud computing service providers with outstanding names such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon. Each the provider supply the special characteristics for their cloud computing programs. The following information is about the Google cloud computing provider and the building the service management system. Concretely, the writing will show you exactly about the Google cloud platform.

Google cloud platform

The cloud computing of Google provider indeed has profound impact on the customer so that the efficiency gets higher than somewhere else. The data of users is stored on the cloud without storing on the any personal computers. Therefore, they can easily connect with the information resources and work hard from any the social networks. Google Apps is one of the Google services. Its function is to allow users connect to their personal domain names with the products of Google. The diverse functions of Google Apps consists of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Talk, Google Docs, and so on. The typical Google cloud platform is Google Apps Engine. Well, it is the cloud computing platform based on the PaaS model. Google Apps Engine allows to run the applications of websites based on the infrustructure of Google.

Google App Engine

The invention of Google cloud platform in general and Google Apps Engine in specific bring amazing fuctions for users, especially corporations and enterprises. Google Apps Engine supports the automatic webs and a wide range of popular web technologies. Also, it supplies the environment to develop enough the functions set on the user’s computer. The application can run the two environments includes Java and Python. The data objects in the data storage are known as entities. Each entity has one or more than one properties. On the other hand, each entity has its own course to distinguish between the rest of other entities. Some applications of Google Apps Engine must mention are Image Manipulation, Mail, Memcache, URL fetch. Google don’t fee the users and application publishment as well. The application give freely 500MB storage capacity and 500 views one month. Also, each account can register maximally 10 applications.

Set up the service management system based on Google cloud platform

Google cloud platform released the intelligence applications such as Google Map API, Google Data Store, and the indispensable application Google Apps Engine. The basic functions of the testing software related to the services management system such as the system administration function, the main function about the map consisting of reading the map, allowing to find out the position, seeking out the direction between two places, displaying corresponding instruction, searching for service providers. Thanks to the Google cloud platform all enterprises can manage the services and business operations conveniently. In addition, they can enhance the security for the corporation that they are operating. From that the business operations as well as the deals can be done effectively.


Google deploys the cloud platform

The writing told about Google cloud platform and how to build the service management system effectively. This invention contributes to the general development of corps and enterprises.

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