Cloud server

There are a variety of companies with tech which are managing the trend of development of cloud server at the present.

Cloud computing is an effective solution to the problem that many companies are facing such as the cost of infrastructure investment is tight, lack of technology capabilities … In fact, many businesses are wasting resources when too many human resources but not the full capacity of the server system. While, the cloud server will allow businesses to reduce their investment in human resources, infrastructure, application upgrades, and flexibility to scale as needed.

when you type the words  “cloud server” and “dedicated server” on internet .Do these results make you surprised ? it is about 9 million search results mentioning  to the “cloud server” while “dedicated server” has only  over 3 million results. The difference you get is the most obvious evidence of the widening gap between the two generations in the field of technology: on one hand, companies that follow the traditional physical server model and another.Cloud computing, presented with three pioneers including Amazon, Google and Microsoft. The trio in common: it has data centers.”in the cloud”,able to provide technological solutions for a wide range of services at competitive costs, thus benefiting much more for companies. Microsoft provides software to individuals and businesses, Amazon provides an ecommerce platform, while Google’s flagship product is the search engine and advertising tools.

The large technology enterprises are providing interesting cloud server

Not only does it provide a platform for the development of internal business operations, but Google, Microsoft and Amazon are also thriving as they become the dominant provider of cloud server solutions for other companies whose cost of replacing the traditional server system is less.

the AWS – Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud service market exploded, surpassing the traditional e-commerce to become its largest revenue generating activity. According to Business Insider, AWS reported $ 17.5 billion in the company, representing a total turnover of 17.5 billion in 2017, an increase of 43% compared to 2016. During this time, Google Cloud platform offers a $ 1 billion growth per quarter. Similarly, the Azure cloud services also generated growth of Microsoft’s revenue of 98%.

Additionally According to the Gartner report, the global market for virtual servers to increase from 209.2 billion in 2016 to 246,800,000,000 dollars in 2017. It is not too hard to compare the money from the “cloud server” for Amazon, Microsoft and Google, as these three giants hold up to 61% of the global market for cloud servers.

In conclusion, cloud computing will give chance for many industries in our country; Promoting new business models, bring more benefits to the user. People working in the software, digital content or marketing products will deliver services globally, which means winning more easy money. On the other hand, it is a model that allows individuals and businesses to store, calculate, and share easily and quickly on the Internet data. Compared to traditional server systems, the company will save operating costs and a maximum installation space.

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