Big data & machine learning – two applications are born for working and managing your life

Big data & machine learning are two services of google that people appreciate in many years. They help building the ground of information technology system nowadays.

Google is supposed to be one of the biggest corporations of technology in the world. Therefore, it is not too strange when people know about google more than do about the presidents of any countries. It is believed that google plays an important role in helping everyone to approach to the internet. Big data & machine learning that google creates is one of the greatest things which people have ever invented. They contribute so much to involution of technology.


Benefits from big data & machine learning

Big data & machine learning are useful for development of society. They make changes of structure in human activities.

First, we will find out the benefits of big data. In general, there are four benefits that Big Data can bring: cutting costs, reducing time, increasing development time and optimizing products, and helping people make the right decisions in more reasonable way.

If you pay a little attention, you will see when shopping online on eBay, Amazon or similar sites, this page will also offer the next hint for you, for example when viewing the phone, there will be suggestions for you to buy extra backs, extra batteries; When buying t-shirts, there are more suggestions for jeans, belts … Therefore, the study of hobbies, habits of customers also indirectly help businesses sell more goods.

So, where does this information about habits and hobbies come from? It is from the huge amount of data that businesses collect as customers visit and interact with their site. It’s not just the Big Data that will not only increase the profit for themselves but also increase the user’s shopping experiences. We can save more time with suggestions rather than have to look for it yourself

Second, machine learning brings a large number of benefits to us. Machine Learning is able to automate the next steps of the data mining process or otherwise understand that it is possible to predict unacknowledged cases from an aggregated, hourly source of data. Have you ever wondered about movie or music recommendations or topics that are right for you?

Therefore, referring to Machine Learning is the ability to predict, from predicting a need to predicting behaviors in the next steps by generalizing the available data.

From this predictability, Big Data & Machine Learning, when placed in a global picture, have a mutual and mutual symbiotic relationship. Machine Learning is growing with Big Data’s ongoing development. Conversely, the value of Big Data can be exploited to the maximum and bring about huge benefits thanks to Machine Learning.


Thus, the breakthrough that Big Data can bring to human life is undeniable. But Big Data can actually make revolutionary changes, depending on Machine Learning. And the capture of these computer technologies is the way to create great efficiency which will certainly impact to the future world.

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