What are the auto insurance coverages?

Many drivers do not perceive about the auto insurance coverages at all although these are very important and directly affect to their life.

What are the auto insurance coverages?

Auto insurance coverages include some types of car insurance

First is liability coverage. It is the basic car insurance that driver must to purchase. Depend on the law of each state where they live, the rule for liability insurance is different. This insurance is  insurance that pays other parties when they’re hurt or their property is damaged in an accident because of your fault. Remember that, liability insurance just only pay for the medical expenses and damaged property of person who involved to the accident but not cover for your car damage or treat your injuries.

Car insurance is necessary for all drivers

Second is collison coverage. When you purchase a new car at dealership, if you don’t have enough money to pay for one time, you are required to buy this car insurance. In that case when your car is damaged, the car insurance provider would pay for you to fix this car.

Next is comprehensive coverage. For this insurance, the insurance company would pay when your car is stolen, damage by fire, valdalism, hail or falling objects. However, you also have to pay the deductible.

Medical payment coverage is one of the auto insurance coverages. With this car insurance, the car insurance company take responsibilities to pay for the medical expenses or funeral bills if the unlucky accident was happened

Personal Injury Protection or PIP coverage. For each person who was injured from the accident, the car insurance providers have to pay 2500$.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist. The company will pay in case your car be hit and run or the person who cause the accident do not have enough insurance. For this situation, you also have to pay the deductible, at least 250$.

Towing coverage: the function of this insurance was described in its name. The insurance company would pay when your car is break down something and need to transport to the garage.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage: If you buy this insurance, the company will pay for you in case you need to hire the car to travel when your car was stolen or fixing.

These are some basic knowledge about the auto car insurance that every drivers need to perceive. Remember that, perceive this one is not only necessary but also be obligation of the drivers. You don’t want to get trouble with the government when your car does not have at least the liability car insurance. For most of the drivers, they should find out some organization which are professional and experienced in car insurance field to give their trust. Cainsurance is one of the best organization that the drivers should come to purchase their insurance. Not only provide the insurance with the best service, Cainsurance also prefer to give some helpful advice for the drivers to selecets the best option about car insurance fot them.

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