5 steps to be safe for your data security

Data security is extremely essential because data is the most important asset on the computer. It can be said that the demand for computers and networks comes from data security.

Data security is always a top concern for computer users. Without the right protection solution, the more you interact with the global network, the more you are able to lose control of your data.

Step 1 – Encrypt the data

Today, we read newspapers, buy food or even pay taxes via the Internet. All online activities have a potential for data security. One of the most important solutions is to encrypt personal data. Although we hear about the term “coding” every day, due to its complexity, we do not seem to care enough about this. In fact, you can easily use encrypted software like TrueCrypt to effectively protect your data on your computer. If they do not know your password, no one can access your successfully encrypted data.

Step 2 – Use a strong password

Encrypting the data becomes worthless if intruders easily pass out your password protection. A strong password is a long password with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. The following free online tools will help you create a strong password that even forced hacking methods cannot break: PC Tools Random Password Generator, Good Password Generator, GRC Ultra High Password Generator. But long passwords mean you’ll have trouble remembering them, so LastPass, the super password safe online and offline password manager will be the perfect solution for you. You can store passwords for all websites and personal accounts to access from your computer and smartphone easily. Thus, your data security will be safe.

Step 3 – Two-step verification

Even if you have encrypted your data and have a strong password, you still have the risk of losing your password when it’s transmitting over an unsecured public wireless network, such as an Internet cafe. To protect your data security, you can use two-step verification (or two-factor authentication). It means that besides your password, you need another information to log into the website or service.

Google offers 2-step verification that is super secure. It means even if someone gets your Google Account password, he cannot sign in because he does not know the 6-letter code. Numbers are generated randomly every 30 seconds sent directly to your phone via text message or voice call.

Step 4 – Protect your network


Another important aspect of data security is the way you connect to the outside world. When setting up Wifi broadcast, you can increase security by setting such as turning off SSID Broadcast, enabling MAC Address Filtering, enabling AP Isolation. You have also enabled the firewall on your router and computer to prevent applications from making unwanted communication through the Internet gateway.

Step 5 – Use antivirus software

These security steps may be useless if the virus or malware has entered your system illegally. The virus is allowing hackers to take control of your computer remotely or transfer data from your computer. Using antivirus programs is essential way for every computer.

Along with the development of technology, there are many threats to data security. Hopefully, through this article, you can make your computer and data security safety in the era.

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